15-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout

Fitness Workout for Women
Grab a set of weights, and let’s tighten and tone from head to toe! Boxing & Bubbles creator Christa DiPaolo is bringing you four full-body weighted exercises with 30-second bodyweight burnouts in between to give you the perfect balance of strength training and cardio. Get ready to sculpt and feel the burn with moves like deadlifts to bicep curls, renegade row burpees, and squats with quarter-turn jumps!

Be sure to warm up before this workout (https://youtu.be/PdNn1CmWYBs) and finish this session with your postfight cooldown (https://youtu.be/Amv1AX5-fzo).

Find more from Christa on https://www.instagram.com/christadipaolo/

You can also find more from Christa on her Boxing & Bubbles page: https://christadipaolo.com/pages/boxing-and-bubbles/

On Christa: Beach Riot outfit
On Meesh: Koral outfit and Athletic Propulsion Labs shoes
On Amanda: Alala outfit and Athletic Propulsion Labs shoes

Workout breakdown:
Round 1
#1 – Deadlift + Bicep Curl: 1 minute
Cardio Burnout – Jack & Jab: 30 seconds
20-second rest

#2 – Tipsy Squats (Squat + Shoulder Press + Triceps Extension): 1 minute
Cardio Burnout – High Knees & Uppercuts: 30 seconds
20-second rest

#3 – Renegade Row Burpee: 1 minute
Cardio Burnout – Quarter-Turn Squats: 30 seconds
20-second rest

#4 – Chest Press + Leg Raise: 1 minute
Cardio Burnout – Plank Jack & Shoulder Tap
20-second rest

Round 2

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