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Use this guide to make your own customized workout plan! You’re different than everybody else in the world… there’s no reason you should train exactly like ANYBODY else…

If you ask me… the perfect balance is to have a little bit from every style of working out I talked about. Our muscles need strength training and resistance in order to grow! Using weights breaks down the muscle fibers and builds muscle mass as the body repairs that muscle.

Then, you should add in some resistance training that is lower weight, higher rep, and more functinal. This targets muscles that are smaller and don’t use as much when we are using a lot of weight! What happens when you use a lof of weight is that your bigger muscles take over (cough cough quads).This also creates flexibility in your muscles and can make you look leaner rather than bulky.

You should also consider adding in cardio! This will keep your body healthy and makes your heart happy. It is a good way to get rid of excess weight since it helps you burn extra calories. Even if you don’t like it, it’s something that should be sprinkled in through your week!

Lastly, always try to be as active as you can throughout the week. Take the stairs, walk places, stand up once in a while. These things are often overlooked but over time add up and can help us burn more calories throughout the day!

If you use these steps and make your own workout plan, it WILL become part of your lifestyle. It should be something you enjoy, look forward to, and thrive off of. EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN. BEING. IS. DIFFERENT. What works for me might not work for you!

Your body is YOUR body! You should get to know it, how it works, and specifically WHAT works for it.

ANYBODY can make their own workout schedule. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are or how much you usually work out, we all started somewhere.

If you’re new to my channel… I’m a 20-year-old taking a gap year from college. I’ll take you guys everywhere I travel, through my experience of becoming a Pilates Instructor, a Health Coach, and give you guys all the info about everything I learn.

I have a huge passion for living a happy and healthy lifestyle through nutrition, fitness, self-care, and beauty.

I’m all about creating the life you want to live.


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